hello, i'm jupi! i'm old (30+) and doing my best! i am often very very high, if you ever see me do some dumb shit, it's probably cause i'm blasted to space.if you ever have any questions, please feel free to DM me on twitter/discord, or wherever you manage to find me. if you have a problem with a pose, or want it to be worked out for another race/gender better, i will be happy to work on it.please note a lot of my older poses have some funky limbs. i intend to go back some day and rework some of the them that need it, but it will be a project i have to sit down and decide to do.i will do my best to take requests through my discord server, if you have any, though nothing terribly vulgar, please. (softcore stuff is OK.)i am currently NOT open for commissions.if you use my poses, please tag me on twitter @jupiknight, or use #jupiposes, so i can see!


Ko-Fi/Paypal (Preferred)

Screenshot Packages:
🤍Package A; 10$ per scene, +7$ per extra character. (SFW.)
🤍Package B; 12$ per scene +9$ per extra character. (NSFW. Must be 18+ to purchase this package.)
🤍Custom Pose: 10$ per pose, +$7 per extra character.


Screenshot Packages:
🤍Package A; 600k per scene, +300k per extra character. (SFW.)
🤍Package B; 750k per scene, +500k per extra character. (NSFW. Must be 18+ to purchase this package.)
🤍Custom Pose: 500k per pose, 250k per extra character.

Please be prepared to send a Mare file for ease of everyone involved.Please do not make me do all the work. Be specific, be detailed!Prices subject to adjust slightly based on complexity of poses, making a set, etc. All prices will be discussed before any changes are made.Please nothing hard core. Sensual is OK. If you are uncertain if it is "hardcore," it probably is.See contact & links for how to reach me. 🎔


Contact & Links

twitter (send a DM)
discord (Send a DM)
linktree (More links)